When you consider a commercial real estate purchase, you know you need to look beyond the guarantees and reassurances in the Offering Memorandum. You have to research, investigate and scrutinize all the material information that could impact your acquisition decision, which can take up a great deal of your precious time, energy, and resources. You must analyze and verify all the facts and potential risks before you close the deal. The slightest oversight in your in-depth due diligence can cost you a tremendous sum unnecessarily - so getting accurate information is highly critical.

DRG’s experienced and expert due diligence team has what it takes to provide you with the crucial information you need. DRG helps its clients offload all the time-consuming and otherwise cumbersome tasks from start to finish, so they can spend more time and focus their energy on doing what they do best. With DRG, you get a comprehensive report in a simple, easy to understand format that highlights the relevant points and enables you to confidently make your decision with all the information at your fingertips.